4 Reasons to Move Out of Dallas and Into a Suburb

When deciding between a city and suburb, it’s a good idea to think about your family needs and each living environment. Factors like property size, property value, schools and space can help you compare the unique benefits of living in the suburbs over living downtown. If you are having trouble deciding, check out some of the great aspects of living in a suburb.

1. Bigger Houses & More Space: Compared to an inner-city living situation, you will usually find more square footage for your money in the suburbs. Properties usually include a home, as well as front, back and even side yards. While you get the benefit of space, suburbs are usually still close enough to commute into the city. Since cities usually provide a wide variety of jobs, this proximity to income opportunities can give the suburbs an edge over rural areas.

2. Better Education: Suburban areas typically offer better schools than urban or rural districts. If you have or plan to have children in the near future, it’s a good idea to consider the importance of education in your lifestyle. Even if you do not plan to have kids, knowing the state of the school district can be helpful come resale time.

3. Neighbors & Nature: Whether it is local parks or close-knit neighborhoods, residents of the suburbs often enjoy fresh air, natural scenery and a strong sense of community. People often move to suburbia specifically to raise children, escape the hustle and bustle, and improve life and safety for their families.

4. Quality of Life: Suburbia offers an escape from the work and stresses of the big city, while still allowing relative proximity to other people and necessities. With less traffic congestion and crowding, as well as a lower crime rate, suburbanites often find a higher quality of life than what is available elsewhere.

If this formula sounds good to you then you should add Woodcreek in Fate, Texas to your list. Woodcreek is located near Rockwall and Lake Ray Hubbard, just a short drive from Dallas. Families appreciate two new public schools developed within the gates of the Woodcreek community and an easy commute on the new George W. Bush Turnpike. For more information on availability, new models and new neighborhoods, click here.